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It Actually Took Twice As Long As I’d Predicted

January 5, 2021

When I was asked recently what I wanted for the new year, I replied that I wanted greater stability in my personal life. This answer was met with a hint of a sneer and a disdainful, “So you want things predictable and boring?”

This is, of course, not what I want, but what I do want is that when I put my own advice into action regarding my son’s new Rubik’s cube and demonstrate for him that it absolutely can be solved, that my solution remain in place for more than two minutes.

Though to be fair, I did predict that would happen.

Do I Think ’21 Is Going To Be A Good Year?

January 4, 2021

Well . . . it wasn’t for Tommy, but that wasn’t his fault.

For the rest of us though, I suspect the chances of 2021 being a good year can be roughly determined by two questions:

Did you learn from 2020?

Did other people learn from 2020?

Maybe An Even Better Start Than I First Thought

January 2, 2019

Yesterday I shared my “resolution” for the new year.  What I didn’t share yesterday (because it would have spoiled the punchline), was that one of the first things I did upon making that resolution was to stop by a diner for a spicy pepper omelet because that seemed the most enjoyable way for me to spend the hour that I had before it was time to pick up L’s Mother.  Upon finishing my meal I couldn’t help but notice that my server’s name was “Hope”.

So now I can honestly say I’ve had some hope in my life for the new year, and I have my resolution to thank for that.

(Yeah, I know . . . that was a long walk for that one, but it’s no joke that hope has been in short supply for a lot of people lately, so I’ll take what I can get.)

I’m Off To A Good Start

January 1, 2019

This year I resolve to have more calories, more sweets, more self-indulgence, and more self honesty.

I Should Really Find That Sign

December 31, 2018

For years I had a sign that said “All who cross this doorway bring happiness, some by entering and some by leaving.”

It was only comparatively recently that I realized that same sentiment can apply to years as well.

New Year’s Thoughts, 2018 (Revised)

January 3, 2018

I was pretty pleased with yesterday’s entry when I wrote it, but the more I considered it throughout the day, the more I realized I didn’t have the phrasing quite right. So upon further reflection and in honor of the spirit of my intent for the new year, here’s my revised thought:

This year I’d like to do things right this time . . . and where that’s not possible yet, I’d like my mistakes to be useful ones, please.

New Year’s Thoughts, 2018

January 2, 2018

This year I’d like to do things right this time . . . and if that’s not possible, I’d like to make more useful mistakes please.

An Idle New Year’s Thought

January 2, 2017

Not exactly a resolution, but this year I’m going to lighten my load to saner levels and still work on building up my strength.

2016 New Year’s Thought

January 1, 2016

It wasn’t my original intent to go with a quote for yesterday’s entry, but then I accompanied my son to a “fun New Year’s Eve event for kids” . . .  Visualize a kid-friendly Woodstock with less mud, and you’ll have a pretty good picture of what I ended up enduring.

Have I mentioned recently that I hate crowds?

Regardless, I’m glad that I went, if only because it made him happy and gave me the chance to stretch my personal limits a bit.  (It didn’t happen, but I did give myself the chance, and as far as I’m concerned, that’s as good a New Year’s thought as any.)

Happy New Year everyone!

Beginning Of The Year Thoughts, 2014

January 1, 2014

As I mentally reviewed the past year, one lesson in particular stood out for me from all the others:

Leave less to chance.

I am in no way disparaging flexibility, because without it I wouldn’t have survived the past year, but time and time again last year tried to teach me the pitfalls of assuming everyone was on the same page, when far too often none of us were even reading the same book.