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That’s Why I Occasionally Still Find Myself Deep In It

November 14, 2022

The other evening while in the middle of an impromptu wake, an opportunity for me to express my opinion on something presented itself, and I declined because I felt I was a tad deep in my cups to have a shareable opinion.

I was proud of myself until I realized I still haven’t mastered that skill when not deep in my cups.

I Like To Think My Bias Made Me Unbiased Though

October 26, 2021

“You don’t sound very excited about it,” I was told today after my opinion was asked and then given.

“I’m not very excited about anything today,” I replied.

Because I’m Not Having Much Luck On That Front

May 17, 2017

Today my six-year-old son grasped the concept that just because you agree with an opinion, that does not make it a fact, not even if the opinion is a very, very good one.

May he someday teach this concept to the rest of the world.

It’s A Safe Bet

March 28, 2016

I always wonder at people who start their statements with some variation on “What I am about to say is going to upset a LOT of people,” because far more often than not that’s all they say before they start firing off their (usually indiscriminate) spray of opinion bullets.

To be clear, just saying this as an opening statement does not make whatever you say after that okay any more than it does to add “just kidding” after unleashing a truly vile insult.

Yes, there are times one absolutely must say something upsetting, and a little warning that this is about to occur is fine, but if you can’t even be bothered to tell me WHY you feel the need to do this, I tend to assume that you probably don’t have a reason other than you just want to see how many people you can upset.

Bad Marriages (Part Two)

October 9, 2015

And it was bad . . . really, really bad.  They divorced . . . eventually, but they stuck it out longer than they probably should have, and do you know why?  If you do, say it with me:

Because so many people said it was going to be bad, trying to prove them wrong became a matter of pride for this couple.

Now there’s nothing wrong with giving someone fair warning, particularly if you see trouble ahead, but when it’s repeated over and over again, be it just by you or by a group, it becomes nothing more than opinion bullets, and again, pretty much the only result of firing those is causing your target to take cover and entrench.  So unless you want that to happen, keep your mouth holstered and stop thinking that because something is “your opinion” that makes it some kind of magic bullet.

Though actually . . . now that I say that, in a sense it is kind of like a magic bullet; fire it often enough and you pretty much guarantee that you’ll get the opposite of what you were shooting for.

So use those magic bullets wisely, okay?

Bad Marriages (Part One)

October 8, 2015

(This is a continuation of yesterday’s thought.)

Since people want to talk about marriage so much lately, let’s talk about marriage for a bit, and not the “Yay! marriage” variety favored by L’s Mother, but the kind of marriage that I personally oppose . . . you know, the “bad” kind.

A bad marriage is a unique form of misery all its own, and I’ve seen more than a few in my time, but one in particular comes to mind right now.  This marriage was just a bad idea from the start, so much so that people literally came from miles around to spray their unwelcome opinion bullets at this couple.  This was done mostly by family and friends, of course, but there came a point where it seemed like even strangers were crossing the street to say “Wow!  You two should not get married!”

Do you think this made a difference to the couple?  Well of course it did!

It made them want to get married even more than they had wanted it before, causing them to entrench on the matter, pretty much guaranteeing that they’d get married.

And they did.

That’s Just A Waste Of Ammunition

October 7, 2015

Yesterday’s question was important enough that I’m going to ask it again today:

Can you recognize when your opinion isn’t a welcome one?

Can you?  It’s an important skill, you know.  If you’re going to shoot your mouth off, you need a better reason than just because it’s filled with opinion bullets.

(Even more on this tomorrow.)


October 6, 2015

One of the trends I’ve noticed on social media lately has been people vehemently proclaiming some variation on “I can have an opinion on this!” (usually regarding a subject that in no way affects them personally).

Yes . . . yes you can, you can have your opinion.  That’s not even an issue.

But can you recognize when your opinion isn’t a welcome one?

(More on this tomorrow.)

A Matter Of Opinions

April 14, 2014

It’s debatable if everyone is “entitled” to their own opinions, but it remains a fact that, entitled or not, everyone has them.

(Yes, I’m going somewhere with this. More tomorrow.)