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So Far I’ve Still Managed To Be Nice About It, At Least . . . So Far

December 10, 2018

My son’s getting old enough now that he’s starting to ask me the trickier questions about why certain things are the way they are, and I’m running out of nice ways to say “Sometimes people are just ridiculous.”


I Just Can’t Be

December 7, 2018

I can’t be the only person who has ever looked at their child and thought, “Why are you being so childish right now?  Oh . . . right!”

Upon Reflection

December 6, 2018

Sometimes watching your child is like watching yourself through a unfunhouse mirror.

If You’ve Never Been There, Good For You

December 3, 2018

There’s a special level of sick when you’re an adult and a parent, the “watching afternoon television” level.

Of Course It’s Still Early Yet

November 27, 2018

For someone so dedicated to the concept of “if you can’t make it better, at least don’t make it worse,” I have a lousy track record, particularly as a parent.  On the plus side though, I have managed over time to gradually increase my number of successes, and this morning was one of those all too rare successes.

True Parenthood In Action

November 26, 2018

“Yes, son, I still love you even after you’ve thrown something directly at my face.  I know it was an accident and it was a soft block and didn’t do any damage, but just in case my look of surprised fury didn’t clue you in . . . don’t throw things at my face.”

It Was A *Particularly* Vain Hope For This Holiday

November 22, 2018

Every holiday has its traditional icons, but one of the least talked about icons is the “holiday possum.”  Strongly related to the “weekend possum” and the “day-off possum,” the holiday possum remains perfectly still in bed, mimicking sleep in the often vain hope that the child(ren) of the house will leave them be for at least a few minutes more.

I Really Did

November 8, 2018

“Today you are H.E.L.L.O.” my son informed me this morning.

“Hello?” I asked.

“No, H.E.L.L.O.!” he corrected me by spelling it out for me again.

“Either way, makes sense to me,” I said with a shrug.  “I feel like ‘hello’ this morning.”

“It’s Okay That I’m Here, I SWEAR!”

October 30, 2018

Today’s frisbee recovery moment got a bit awkward because while I do have standing permission to bypass the fence and enter my neighbor’s yard for retrieval purposes, their neighbor didn’t know that, nor did they immediately recognize me or my purpose until I picked up the frisbee.

This Is How You Measure Success In This Case

October 29, 2018

Over the weekend as part of my continuing efforts to get me and my son outside more, I introduced my son to playing frisbee in the backyard.

Total frisbee recovery tally for the weekend:  3 roof recoveries and 1 neighbor’s yard recovery