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So I Was Wrong Then

July 7, 2021

Blazing Saddles is one of my all-time favorite movies for reasons I don’t feel I need to go into, but I’ve long felt the ending fell a little flat after the fourth wall shatter and the fight spilling into the movie studio. While that part was fun, I never really thought it was necessary.

But recently having watched online a number of people reacting to seeing the movie for the first time, I’ve decided that the utter absurdity of the ending is required to make it abundantly clear to all that, yes, the movie is indeed a satire.

I PROBABLY Wouldn’t Burn It, But I Know I’d Be Tempted

July 1, 2021

To continue with where I was going before time constraints intervened . . . I don’t like disproportionate responses, and I absolutely get there can be a large degree of opinion in what is and is not “disproportionate,” but it seems like currently the concept of “nuance” is gone from the zeitgeist. Now admittedly this isn’t a new thing, but there are disheartening new wrinkles to it this time around.

Was Song of the South racist? Even allowing for nuance, I can comfortably answer “Hell, yes!” on that one. That didn’t stop me from loving it as a child when I was too young to recognize the racism, and truth be told I still have fond memories of the movie because it was beautifully done and I loved the characters and stories. Does it being racist mean it should be hidden away and forgotten?

That doesn’t seem right to me (“Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it,” and all that.), but it’s easier for me to say that since I’m not being portrayed negatively in it, and I do have some small idea how that can sting. If you’ll indulge me in my poetic license, suffice to say that I still remember the cold fury I felt sitting with a group of Yankee brats laughing their damn fool heads off at a play written by Yankees about how stupid Southerners were, and even now if you asked me if I thought that play should be relegated to ashes . . . I’d think about it.

So That Was The Problem

June 30, 2021

While I’m still going to elaborate on yesterday’s entry, time constraints mean what I was originally going to elaborate on will be delayed. So instead I’m going to elaborate on how I was stymied by a thank-you note:

Yes, my parents “made” me write it, but if I truly thought writing it was the wrong thing to do, I wouldn’t have done it, plain and simple. I knew it was the right thing to do, I just had no idea what the right thing to say was! And yes, now I know a simple “Thank you for the thoughtful gift,” can generally cover you, at the time my thoughts were more along the lines of “Dear strangers, thank you for making me feel flustered and uncomfortable for thinking of me for absolutely no reason I am capable of understanding at the present time.”

It Was A Good Question, And I Didn’t Have A Good Answer

June 29, 2021

Look . . . disproportionate responses make me uncomfortable, and they always have. Be it overreacting or underreacting, it’s always bothered me, especially if I realize I’m doing it myself, and I have done it myself (ahem) more than a few times.

Okay, a lot more.

I still remember the day I undeniably realized I needed to change my response levels to more appropriate ones and, sadly, it wasn’t when I became stymied (and unnecessarily vocal about it) over having to write a thank-you card to a stranger for an unexpected (but thoughtful) gift.

It was the day I was working the grill in a burger place and I dramatically announced to my boss that we were, “Completely out of chicken!”, and he just looked at me and asked, “And this personally upsets you why?”

Just Ask The Giant From “Jack and the Beanstalk”

May 20, 2021

I can’t take credit for this one, but neither do I have a reliable source for it. Even so, I want to record it here:

Remember, fairy tale endings don’t work out so well for every character.

Because Shouldn’t I Be Wiser By Now?

May 11, 2021

I thought about including this in yesterday’s post on perspectives of wisdom, but I felt that it disrupted the flow, so I’m adding it today as a follow-up:

An atypical elder’s perspective: Sometimes I wonder if *I* am an exception . . .

The Perspectives Of Age And Wisdom

May 10, 2021

A typical child’s perspective: Being older means you’re smart!

A typical teenager’s perspective: Being older means you’re clueless!

A typical adult’s perspective: Okay, maybe being older does make you wiser.

A typical elder’s perspective: There are obviously exceptions to this.

Well It Just Sounds Stupid When You Say It Like That

March 24, 2021

After deleting my original draft for yesterday’s entry for being too self-castigating, I had a little chat with myself. If you’ll indulge the literary device, the conversation went (figuratively) something like this:

Me: So someone who hurt your family very badly is now suffering, and you can’t bring yourself to feel bad about that, is that it?

Also Me: Yeah, I’m not a very good person in that regard.

Me: You sure have a lot invested in the idea of not being a good person sometimes, you know that, right? You’re not an ideal person, sure, but that’s a work in perpetual progress.

Also Me: I think a good person should be able to care about someone else’s suffering without using a workaround.

Me: You mean your “workaround” that you care about this person’s suffering only in that affects people around them who don’t need or deserve that kind of suffering?

Also Me: Yes.

Me: So this person’s suffering is “deserved,” is that it?

Also Me: Well . . . said that way I wouldn’t necessarily go that far. They did some terrible things, sure, but I also know terrible things happened to them that probably made them terrible in the first place.

Me: Do you want to increase their suffering? Would that make you happy?

Also Me: No!

Me: Would you deny them medication or treatment that would ease their pain?

Also Me: No, that would just be pointlessly cruel.

Me: So you don’t really want them to suffer, you certainly don’t want people around them to suffer, but you want to make yourself suffer just because you’re not as invested in their suffering as you would be if it was someone you liked because that . . . helps, somehow?

One Of My Golden Rules

February 4, 2021

I’m a practical man. If the leprechauns tell me where the gold is hidden, my concern isn’t if the leprechauns are real so long as the gold is.

Not Out Of The (Flooded) Woods Quite Yet

November 10, 2020

My son: It’s important to remember that the flooding is even higher for some people, so it could have been a lot worse here!

Me: That is absolutely true! But if we continue to get more rain before the waters have time to recede, it could still get worse here.