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And The Fact That This Has Never Happened Doesn’t Seem To Deter Her

June 24, 2022

Sometimes I wonder why my dog is just staring at me.

I suspect she doesn’t want to miss it in case I spontaneously decide to give her an extra meal.

When In Doubt, Sheathe The Knife And Relocate The Dog

March 11, 2022

While I fully respect the knife safety rule of “point down and close to your side” when carrying an unprotected blade, having a dog bouncing around while you do so adds an extra level of complexity not fully covered by said rule.

An Excerpt From My Internal Monologue Today

February 10, 2022

Me: I’m not being very productive today.

Also Me: That’s because you need to rest.

Me: Yeah, but . . .

Also Me: No. Just rest.

Me: But . . .

Also Me: Rest. Now!

Me: But I really need to . . .

Also Me: Now!

Me: . . . clean up after the dog first, don’t you think?

Also me: . . .

Also me: Okay . . . yeah, that’s pretty nasty. Don’t leave that for later.

I Love It When A Joke Comes Together

December 31, 2020

The other day our dog wouldn’t stop barking because we’d gotten a delivery, so I told her, “Isa, stop barking at the delivery! I know it’s here, I’m getting it now, so you can stop telling me it’s here.”

When I opened the door, I saw the package was for L’s Mother from a place called “Katz,” and I didn’t even try to resist. I turned back to the dog (who was still barking), and told her, “Isa, stop barking at Katz!”

An Off Switch Would Be Nice

May 8, 2020

On a lighter note, Social Distancing Dog continues to be diligent in her patrols of our home’s perimeter, and while I admire her sense of duty, our “strange puppy from another kennel” needs better control over her “sonic alert” power.

If She’s Going To Wear It, It Should At Least Look Good On Her

January 8, 2020

I suspect I have already made abundantly clear my feelings regarding the girls’ love of dressing up the dog, but if you need clarification, suffice it to say that I don’t approve, but I recognize that my approval is not required.  Even so, as I watch the dog prance around (and seemingly happily so, I will reluctantly admit) in a frilly canine “party dress,” I remind myself that it really could be worse.

At least she’s not wearing the dress that makes her look frumpy.

Bow Wows Are Fine . . . But No Bows!

December 31, 2019

As a follow-up to last week’s “dog in a dress” post, while I remain unconvinced of the girls’ argument that “she likes it,” I will concede that Isa doesn’t seem to protest the treatment.  On the other hand, I am personally pleased to note that Isa has made her feelings abundantly clear that she draws the line at wearing bows in her fur.

In That Case The Dog Is Tucked Up In A Bedroom, THEN I Answer The Door

December 27, 2019

It’s funny how one can discover one’s limits.  For instance, I have no problem scooping up a wiggling and yapping little dog and tucking her under one arm when I answer the door.  But as I discovered yesterday, I will not answer the door like that when said dog has been dressed in a ballerina outfit by the girls.

I’m Blaming This Thought On Posting Before The Sun Is Up

April 11, 2019

If someone knocks on your door and your dog doesn’t bark, did the knock actually make a sound?

Well . . . No GOOD Jokes, I Mean

April 2, 2019

Recently my son was introduced to the concept of a “pet rock,” and is currently in class with his new “pet.”

I don’t really have a joke for this.  I just wanted this event recorded.