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A Bit Of Advice From The Darkroom

January 14, 2016

(I mean in the photographic sense.)

Somebody pointed this out to me the other day, and though darkrooms are few and far between these days for most people, the general advice is worth passing on:

If somebody knocks on the door while you’re working in a darkroom, don’t say, “Don’t come in!” unless you want a bad sitcom “Come in?  Okay!” moment.  It’s too easy for the person outside the door to not hear the word “don’t,” and “come” and “in,” together and separately, sound like invitations.  Instead say, “Stay out!” or simply “No!” to be as unambiguous as possible.

That’s pretty good advice.

Even Moonlight Is Pushing It

August 28, 2014

Speaking of home movies though, seeing some of them again has brought home to me once more how certain light just does not favor me.

Unfortunately, that light is sunlight . . .

And What Happened Last Weekend With Lara Croft Was . . .

October 24, 2013

She had to reschedule.

Admittedly that not a particularly interesting follow-up to yesterday’s post, but I didn’t want to leave anyone in suspense, and it’s the truth.  Sometimes the truth isn’t particularly interesting or funny.

She offered to do a bikini shoot to make up for the inconvenience though.

And sometimes the truth writes its own jokes.

A Picture Says A Thousand (Unkind) Words

August 22, 2013

This is one of those days where I realized what I thought I wanted to write about needed to percolate longer, leaving me sans a topic, so I found myself browsing the portfolio of a photographer friend of mine, and that got me thinking again about just how much the camera loves me.

It loves me to be on the side of it that it can’t see so much that there are times it practically begs me to pick it up.

A Model Photographer

July 26, 2012

While yesterday I went for the obvious joke, today I want to say that what truly amuses me about my photographer friend’s first semi-nude photo shoot is just how much it flies into the face of the stereotypes of the photography/modeling world.

The stereotype:  All photographers are . . . overeager (to put it politely) to get their models to remove their clothing.

The truth in this case:  Not only had my friend actually turned down two prior model requests for nude shoots, citing his lack of experience with such things, he snapped at one model for automatically (and somewhat snottily) providing her rates for nude shoots via the introduction of, “And to answer your next question . . .” when that was most decidedly not the next question.

So in other words, his agreeing to do a semi-nude shoot was a big deal for him, and despite his love of the female form, it was difficult for him at times.

For instance, whenever the model removed or replaced her top, he averted his eyes because that’s what his sense of politeness told him was appropriate, and the fact that he took approximately 150 pictures of her not wearing said top didn’t change that sense for him at all, which I find as amusing as it is endearing.

So this candle is for him, for that, and for understanding why I felt perfectly free to make a joke at his expense without consulting him, but felt the need to ask his permission before I said something nice.

The Model Seemed Less Than Pleased Though

July 25, 2012

A photographer friend of mine just recently completed his first semi-nude photo shoot, something he’s been dreading as much as he’s been anticipating.  Despite all of his fears, everything went fine, and the pictures turned out great!

You can’t even tell he wasn’t wearing pants when he took them.  (1)


(1) Do I really need to specify here that I’m kidding?