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Well . . . It Finally Happened

November 7, 2022

After years of voting, with the exception of confirming my previous votes in some runoff elections, I had absolutely no one to vote for, and ended up doing a straight “voting against” ticket.

Either That, Or They’re Voting Themselves A Pay Raise

October 24, 2022

When politicians unanimously agree on something, one way or the other, lives are in immediate and unquestioned danger . . . usually the politicians’ lives.

And Round And Round It Goes

August 29, 2022

I feel like in recent years the bulk of political “discourse” has boiled down to:

“You’re saying that we don’t matter!”

“No! We’re just saying that we matter too! You’re the one saying that we don’t matter!”

“No! We’re just saying that we matter too! You’re the one saying . . .’

Despite What You May Read On Twitter

June 21, 2022

You don’t have to agree on politics to be a good neighbor.

It’s An Evolving Idea

November 20, 2020

The more I watch the dynamics of political success, the more I’m tempted to propose a theory of sociology called the “survival of the git-est.”

But I Doubt They Will

November 4, 2020

With yesterday’s ban on cynicism no longer in effect, let me just say while the results could still go either way that I hope the losers in this election actually learn something from their loss, especially if the real losers end up being the country as a whole.

And You Can Write Your Own Pelvic Thrust Joke

October 29, 2020

(I suspect I’m going to regret making this joke, but . . . what the hell.)

While I get the idea behind covering “Time Warp” as a way to encourage people to vote “a jump to the left,” I know a lot of people who don’t have a problem with voting a jump to the left. Their concern is the step to the right that immediately follows.

This Isn’t Just A Joke Either

March 13, 2020

The other day I overheard someone talking about an unnamed politician who was “obviously incompetent and getting worse every day,” and I realized that didn’t narrow the field down enough for me to know who they were talking about.

Something I Learned From Watching American Politics

December 23, 2019

There’s no point in trying to shame someone who doesn’t feel shame over what you’re trying to shame them over, but that doesn’t stop people from trying.

Excuse Me, Mister Algorithms?

October 31, 2018

Since I voted early, may I be excused from any more political ads until the election is over?