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So I’m Not Saying That It’s Impossible, Just That It’ll Be When Cars Fly

June 21, 2017

Today I read someone predicting that in 30 years humans will only work 4 hours a day, 4 days a week.

When I was a kid I read a book from the 50’s promising flying cars in the same time frame.

One Way Or The Other, This Will Make More Sense In Time

October 28, 2015

Sorry for being mysterious, but out of the blue today my son said something was going to happen on June 16th, and I wanted to publicly record that date.

I’ll tell you on or around June 16th how right or wrong he was.

Important . . . And Worrisome

January 5, 2015

So it’s a new year, 2015, and the start of a new year is a traditional time for resolutions and predictions.¬† Normally I don’t give more than polite acknowledgement to the resolutions, and prudent acknowledgment to the predictions, but this year one “astrological¬† prediction” stood out to me as worthy of note:

The position of the stars and planets shall not affect anybody’s life in the slightest.

Yeah, yeah, I get it, and aren’t you clever?¬† I’m not exactly a fan of astrology myself (but I’m a Taurus, and we don’t tend to believe in that sort of thing), but did you really think this one through?¬† For instance, are you sure that nobody is going to be affected even a little bit by the day/night cycle or the seasons throughout 2015?

Because that would be important to know in advance.