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Good To Know. I’m Just Going To File That Little Tidbit Away For Future Reference Now

June 1, 2017

Every time I hear someone say they’d prefer to deal with a situation like pulling off a Band-Aid (i.e., doing it quickly so as not to prolong the pain), I remember a time when *I* said something like that.

It was a few days after I’d had a decidedly minor surgery, but not so minor that it hadn’t necessitated a hospital stay during that time.  At this point I was bored and I was eager to go home, and the last obstacle standing in my way was the removal of my post-surgery bandages (which were attached to me via some sort of adhesive).

So the doctor comes in, makes the usual small talk, then asks me if I want the bandages removed “fast or slow.”  Naturally, I say fast.

That’s when he looks at me like he’s really seeing me for the first time.  “I was kidding,” he said with deadly seriousness.  “Fast would kill you.”