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It Was Just The Two Of Us In The Car

May 8, 2017

“Oh, look!” L’s Mother exclaimed while we were in the car the other day.  “Cute puppy!”

Since I was driving, I could only spare a fraction of a second to glance in the direction she was pointing, but as near as I could tell, the puppy was indeed cute.  So cute, in fact, that the puppy reminded me of our own puppy, Isa, and the emergency bath I had to give her earlier that day.

All puppies are cute when you’re not the one getting **** out of their fur,” I chuckled.

For About Forty-Five Seconds, And Both Of Us Laughing The Whole Time

November 18, 2014

I should explain that our puppy has an in-house enclosure (about 10 ft. by 10 ft.) for those times when we can’t give her the full run of the house . . . or when she needs a place to get away from a rampaging preschooler for a little bit.

Today was definitely one of those days for the latter.

In fairness, both preschooler and puppy were starting to play too rough with each other, nothing too bad, but enough that I asked (I thought rhetorically), “Do I need to put one of you up?”

“Yes!” L. chirped brightly with a huge smile on his face.

So I put him in the enclosure.

I Certainly Didn’t In High School

April 18, 2014

The other day the puppy drew blood from me. She didn’t mean to do it, of course; she was jumping up trying to get my attention and I was trying to teach her not to jump as one of her teeth caught some of the skin on one of my fingers. It was an accident, pure and simple. It hurt a little bit, but not much, and I wasn’t actually angry at her.

Then I realized I had just been handed a golden opportunity. Making sure L. was out of earshot, I looked the puppy directly in the eye and said, “You little [term for a female dog].”

Why did I do this, you might be asking?

Because I wanted to be able to honestly say I had used the term correctly at least once in my life.

As Well As Your Front

April 3, 2014

Whatever disagreements we may have, slugger, do your best to remember that I was the one who stopped you from playing naked with a sharp-toothed puppy who was still in the nippy phase.

Who’s got your back, son?

Behold The Power Of Puppy!

March 18, 2014

While the puppy has a long (long, long, long) way to go before she starts earning her keep around here,  I have to admit that her ability to keep my three-year-old son’s room tidy is nothing short of miraculous.

(This miracle occurred once he realized that I was serious that he couldn’t play in his room with the puppy if there were toys in the floor, so he’s currently obsessing on keep his room clean.  Yes, I realize this may not last.)

I Don’t Think That Painting Looks ANYTHING Like Me

February 24, 2014

In light of the new puppy in the household, a few people have asked if I’m a dog person.  Since I can not personally answer that question without trying to make a joke out if it, I thought I’d share L’s mother’s answer to that question when it comes to me:

“If there’s a cave painting out there somewhere of the wolves that first came in out of the cold, the person standing there will look like Rob.”

Which is flattering, but silly.  While it’s true I have a certain . . . rapport with canines, and that rapport has lasted for some time, it’s still just silly.

Let The Dog Days Begin

February 21, 2014

The puppy is now home, and this household can expect a solid year (at least) of puppy related challenges, as well as a solid year (at least) of me invoking the puppy’s name every time somebody asks if we have the money to do something frivolous.

This isn’t going to be easy, and I know this even if everyone else is still too busy cooing over the puppy at the moment.

But that’s okay.

Those Lectures Still Apply, By The Way

February 20, 2014

If all goes well, today is the day we bring the puppy home, thereby adding an . . . interesting note to all my recent lectures to the household of the need to be more frugal.

Turns Out I Was Wrong Though

February 19, 2014

All jokes aside (and yes, I was being tongue-in-cheek yesterday), our decision to get a puppy wasn’t quite as impulsive as it might sound.  We’ve been talking for a while now about getting L. a puppy, but only when “the time was right.”

I just sort of assumed that time was about another year or so off . . .

You Know Who You Aren’t

February 18, 2014

As the house is being prepared for the puppy to come home soon, I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank all the people who helped me stand firm against the pressure my family put on me to get this puppy in the first place: