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Usually To Keep It In Check . . . Usually

July 3, 2018

Some people listen to music when they’re feeling their age; lately I’ve realized that I listen to music when I’m feeling my rage.


Rage . . . Taking Over . . . (Part Three)

November 16, 2012

Suffice it to say that all this toddler rage has been affecting me more than I would like.  For a start, I’m decidedly more short-tempered than my norm, which makes it harder for me to teach L. how to handle his emotions, which makes things rougher for him, which makes things rougher for me, and so on, and so on.

Clearly this is going to be something that he and I muddle through the learning process together.

It’s not always that bad, of course.  Not every storm of his triggers a storm in me, and even when that happens (last night, for instance), a suitable time out for one or both of us ensures that we’ll be smiling and playing again not long after, but to use the vernacular . . .

Easy this ain’t.

Rage . . . Taking Over . . . (Part Two)

November 15, 2012

Let me give you a quick example of an average exchange between me and Bu recently:

 Bu:  “Want nana.  Nana?”
Me:  “Okay, here’s your banana.”
Bu:  (Shoving away the banana.) “No want nana!”
Me:  “But you just asked for . . .  You know what?  Never mind.  What do you want?”
Bu:  “Want nana!”

Now imagine that repeating ad nauseam . . . but as annoying as I find those exchanges at the time, I can laugh them off not long after, at least, and they don’t really get to me.

The “everything’s fine, and then out of the blue, WHAM! Angry Bu is ANGRY!!!” moments on the other hand . .

Rage . . . Taking Over . . . (Part One)

November 14, 2012

Okay, it’s not really that bad (at the moment), but I’ve been avoiding this topic for a while now, and I wanted to make a Mystery Men reference.

But honestly, it’s been close to being that bad at times.

Now anybody who’s spent any time around 2-year-olds will have at least some idea of what I’m talking about.  That stage of development is a frustrating one.  You have the ability to communicate (somewhat) and the ability to feel annoyed when you’re not understood or something doesn’t work the way you want and you have little to no concept of  “I want does not always equal I get,” so this is a rough time for L.

As for the effect this stage of his is having on me, let me put it this way:  I find myself thinking that the days of L’s early teething weren’t so bad, and that by comparison, those days were almost pleasant.