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In Part Because The Only “Spring Water” We EVER Have Around Is Just Some Cheap, No-Brand Bottles We Have In Our Hurricane Supplies

September 7, 2018

I didn’t want to say this at the time for fear of undercutting the joke, but today seems like a good day to admit that since I work from home and my son attends virtual school from home, if he called me at work to bring him some spring water because he didn’t like the water at his school, I would assume he was just messing with me.


I Did, For One

October 23, 2017

Some of what I posted last week may show more cohesive context with the understanding that last week my family and I went to Disney World.

It was NOT an ideal experience.

This is not a customer complaint, but a parental one.  It turns out not every kid likes Disney World after all.

Who knew?

So It’s Going To Take More Than Just Pointing Out The Common Ground

June 2, 2017

While I appreciate all those who call for unity and point out that our similarities far outweigh our differences, I feel the need to point out just how bitter the arguments can get between people who can all agree that football is a great game . . .

It’s Still Basically As Bad As Doing It With A Phone; It’s The Novelty That Made Me Smile

November 29, 2016

The other day I was trying to get into a restaurant . . . and I don’t mean it was one of those fancy places that prides itself on its exclusivity, I mean I was just trying to reach the door, but there was a kid blocking the walkway.  His family was already at the door and telling him to hurry up, but he was meandering in that distinctive “I’m ignoring everything else because I’m paying attention to something in my hands” fashion that these days usually means “I’m looking at my phone.”

Since society justly frowns upon adults pushing children to the pavement just because they’re in the way, I reminded myself of what lesson I would want to teach my son in this situation, and did my best to be patient.

Eventually we all reached the door where the father shot me an apologetic look and muttered a quick “Sorry.”

“Don’t be,” I chuckled, in a good mood now that I’d gotten a closer look at the situation.  “I’m just happy he’s got a book in his hands!”

It’ll Probably Be Me

August 1, 2016

School starts for my son soon.

Strictly speaking, he and I start his “school schedule” today though so he can be (in theory) adapted to said schedule by the time school actually starts for him in a couple of weeks.  In practical terms this means that in about an hour I’m going to be saying to at least one of us, “You’ve known this day was coming for a long time.  We even talked about this last night, so I do not want to hear gripe one about how terrible you feel today, or how you’d rather be doing almost anything else.”

It’s A Common Fact, Something You Use Every Day, And You Don’t Get $100 Just Because You Said It

March 11, 2016

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to improve your life, but there’s no need to turn that want into a fetish.  Yes, it’s all about the choices you make, but its counterproductive to get all pious and self-righteous over such a simple fact.

And That They Always Keep Talking Until Someone Cuts Them Off

March 10, 2016

Have you ever noticed how often “motivational speakers” tend to sound like a fast-talking harem guard trying to sell you on the benefits of being a eunuch?