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I Don’t Even Want To Think About How Many Nonfiction Stories Wouldn’t Have Ever Happened

April 22, 2021

Just finished reading a very good film-noir style story, but when it was over I couldn’t help but thinking how many fictional tragedies could never have been told if humans were just incapable of getting angry and/or blackout drunk . . .

I Hesitated AFTER I Was Sure He Was Fine, But Still . . .

March 12, 2021

No matter how bad your day as a parent has been, you still go to investigate the unexpected crash coming from your child’s room. I know this, and I did this.

But I admit that today I hesitated first.

So I Figure I’m Okay

July 3, 2019

Sometimes I worry that using a phone app to coordinate my day with others makes it too easy for my movement to be “predicted” should I be hacked.

Then I remember more than half the time those “plans” end up being guidelines at best, and jokes at worst.

This One Is For My Son

August 23, 2018

One of my son’s biggest gripes about school is their overuse of “motivational” phrases.  Even when he doesn’t agree with the phrases, he understands why they use them and what they are trying to say, but he also recognizes that some of them are just silly.

Case in point:

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

Yeah . . . I can see my son’s point here.  That just demonstrates a profound lack of understanding of the concepts of gravity and escape velocity, not the mention the logistics of lunar vs. interstellar travel.  If you’re shooting for the moon and miss, you definitely want to return to Earth and try again!  (Just ask the crew of Apollo 13.)

An Open Letter To Pretty Much Everyone I’ve Ever Known In My Life

August 20, 2018

Look . . . we need to talk.  Maybe we’ve talked recently, or maybe it’s been years, but there’s something I need to say.  If we spent any significant time together at all, it’s something I would have tried to say before at least once, but I may not have said it well,  so I’m going to try again.

If I ever told you that you were smart, it’s because you are smart.  The same applies if I ever told you that you were pretty/handsome, talented, funny, or any other positive trait I might have commented on.  I get that everyone has moments of self-doubt sometimes, but it bothers me if you start to wallow in them.  When you doubt yourself like that it bothers me a larger scale because I can clearly see that your doubts aren’t based in fact, and it bothers me on a more personal level because (and I say this somewhat tongue-in-cheek, of course) it feels like you’re calling me a liar.

Stop calling me a liar, damn it!

It Was Just The Two Of Us In The Car

May 8, 2017

“Oh, look!” L’s Mother exclaimed while we were in the car the other day.  “Cute puppy!”

Since I was driving, I could only spare a fraction of a second to glance in the direction she was pointing, but as near as I could tell, the puppy was indeed cute.  So cute, in fact, that the puppy reminded me of our own puppy, Isa, and the emergency bath I had to give her earlier that day.

All puppies are cute when you’re not the one getting **** out of their fur,” I chuckled.

Brushing Off Difficulties

December 16, 2015

Some days the words come when you call them.  Other days you find yourself thinking, “I guess I’ll clean the toilet while I wait.”

Some Of It In LITERAL Piles

September 23, 2015

Okay . . . finally starting to feel clearheaded again.  I’m glad whatever I had was fairly mild, just a few days of being draggy and feeling foggy, nothing worse.  Right then, time to get back to it.

I can’t help but notice that an awful lot of “it” has piled up while I was sick though . . .

You Might Say I’ve Been “Dragon” Around A Lot Today

February 18, 2013

A long time ago I read a story about a little dragon who was told he could do anything he wanted if he just believed he could, so, believing with all his heart that he could, he tried to walk through a tree.

Judging by the bruise the dragon got in his failed attempt, however, it seemed the tree believed the dragon couldn’t more than the dragon believed he could.

Today in particular, I really know how that dragon felt.

One Of The Girls Of My Dreams

May 30, 2012

So last night I had a dream in which I met a girl from my past, and shall simply say for the sake of discretion that in this dream we spent a great deal of time defining and redefining the concept of getting “reacquainted.”  Hardly anything unusual about that (however rarely people are willing to admit it), but I mention this for two reasons:

#1.  However unlikely I would be to actually do something like that in the waking world (my life is complex enough at the moment), this dream made me happy because it meant I got to see her again, and because I like the idea of her remembering me fondly enough for something like that to happen, even if only in dreams. (1)

#2.  My dreams being what they are, of course there came a point where things had . . . “plateaued” for a bit, and I remember her turning to me and grimly informing me that, “we need to talk about what just happened.”

While she had a point, I can’t recall a single time when I enjoyed a conversation that followed after that line, so it was with a certain amount of relief when L. (who’s been having some difficult nights lately) picked that point to wake me from my dream with a cry for attention.   Once that crisis was averted, I actually thanked him for waking me up, and stumbled back to bed.

And promptly found myself in the dream again, next to my dream girl who looked at me and said, “Now as I was saying, we need to talk . . .”

(1)  And if you’re reading this and you are a girl from my past and you’re wondering if it was you, please just assume that it was, provided that you take it as proof of the fondness I still have for you.  If this idea offends you, then I assure you that it was not you.  (2)

(2)  And if you’re reading this and you are a girl from my past and you’re sure it was not you, then don’t be so sure, provided that you take the idea of it being you as proof of the fondness I still have for you.  If this idea offends you, then it was definitely not you.