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Yeah . . . I Do . . .

August 26, 2021

Today’s Morning Thought: I keep getting more that I need to do, so I must be getting better, right?

Today’s Morning Follow-up Thought: You know it doesn’t work that way, right?

Important To Know

August 18, 2021

So as part of my road to recovery, I’ve decided to start going on morning walks again, if only to get out of the house more. Today was day one, and I learned something right off the bat:

That build up of tension over the past few months had become load bearing tension.

That Happens When Abnormal Because The New Normal For a While

July 30, 2021

One more thing on the subject of my prolonged “unwellness”:

I’ve come to realize that I’ve been out sorts for so long that I literally may not recognize right away when I am fully recovered.

I’m Starting To Think I’m Unreasonable On That Point

June 21, 2021

One constant about myself that I’ve noticed over the years is that no matter what I’m trying to recover from, every day I haven’t recovered yet I have some variation of the thought, “Shouldn’t I have been over this yesterday?”

We’re Both Better Now, By The Way

May 29, 2020

The other day I told Lala that apparently I wanted to empathize with her more, and therefore pulled something in my back out of sympathy with her own recent pulled back.

Her response: “That was painful and dumb.”

She then went on to assure me that she was kidding, and she hoped that I felt better faster than she had, but with a lead up like that, I had NO problem telling her that, “Put that way, I hope I do too!”

I’m Just So Happy About This

December 12, 2019

Today I feel really bad.

This is good.

(While I’ve certainly expressed the “I feel bad, but no longer terrible” sentiment before, never before have I expressed it with such heartfelt relief.)

Open Necessity, Insert Foot

September 5, 2018

So after two solid days of necessary work, my foot is telling me today is a good day to let it heal some more.

I think I’ll listen to it.

For Me That Clock Stopped Yesterday

August 28, 2018

Did you know that when you injure yourself, a little countdown starts toward the inevitable time that a family member forgets about said injury and then accidentally inflicts a shocking amount of pain on you?

So I’m Obviously Feeling A Bit Better

August 11, 2017

And just what do you think you’re doing?  You know I’m still not feeling one hundred percent, and you picked now to start trying to tussle with me?!  It shall avail you naught, varlet!

– My response to my son attempting to pounce me in my chair right before the tickling match started.  (Full disclosure:  The above quote wasn’t exact at first, but captured the spirit of my initial reaction, so I lured him into a quick rematch so I could say those exact words.  The things I’ll do in the name of accuracy . . .)

I’ll Let You Know If Anything Changes

August 8, 2017

Despite yesterday’s post, I am genuinely okay.  I’m not quite sure what I did to myself (a pulled muscle is the most likely culprit), but it was . . . an experience to be sure, an experience I could definitely do without repeating.  It was a profoundly unpleasant 24 hours or so, but I seem to have made it through unscathed.