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Some Days You Just Have To Take Your Laughs Where You Can Find Them

January 25, 2022

“Just in case it’s not abundantly obvious,” I announced to L’s Mother yesterday, “there’s no way I’m going to be able to install the battery in the car tomorrow.”

“Why not?” she asked.

“Because I already did it,” I answered with a chuckle.

And She Was

January 21, 2022

So, about what I got L’s Mother . . .

Many moons back her obsession at the time was a game I had bought her, and in that game it was possible to find a bizarre (but cute) in-game pet. One day I noticed that the makers behind the game had started a Kickstarter to produce a limited number of plush versions of said pet. To make a long story short, I backed the project as soon as I saw it, and aside from checking that they’d made their goal and what the approximate shipping date would be, I didn’t give it any more thought beyond mentioning in passing to L’s Mother that I’d gotten her “something.” I truly believed that she had no idea that this plush even existed.

But in actuality, she was very much aware of this Kickstarter, but it had already closed by the time she followed up on it, and she was absolutely crushed that she had missed out. Her exact words to herself at the time (and repeated to me after the plush had arrived) were, “I hope the person who gets mine is very happy with it.”

Turns Out She DID Know What It Was (And I’ll Tell YOU Tomorrow)

January 20, 2022

“Something I ordered for you a while back finally arrived,” I told L’s Mother last night. “To be honest, I’m not sure you’re going to know what it is at first, but I know you’ll think it’s cool.”

A few moments later after she’d seen what it was:

“You GOT one?! ?!You GOT one!? !!?YOU GOT ONE?!!”

And, Yes, I Said It WITH My Smirk

January 17, 2022

Recently L’s Mother has been taking about wanting to get a new vehicle, and she mentioned that you could fold the back seats down in the one she was looking at, but that she “couldn’t think of any reason why we’d want to do that.”

“I can,” I said with my smirk.

She Won That Round, But There’ll Be Others

January 14, 2022

Knowing that I was feeling exhausted last night after a long day, L’s Mother made a show of awkwardly patting my shoulder. “I wanted to make a gesture,” she explained with a grin.

Smirking, I retorted with, “And now I’m feeling inspired to make a gesture of my own.”

Before I could make good on that threat with an appropriately rude gesture, however, her eyes got big and she cooed, “Aw! I can still inspire you!”

Or The Second, Or The Third . . .

January 6, 2022

“I give up!” my son proclaimed (loudly) while playing a game this morning.

“Forever?” I asked.

“No, just for now,” he answered.

“Good,” I chuckled, “because if I gave up ‘forever’ the first time your mother frustrated me, you wouldn’t be here.”

It Was A Nice “S”

December 29, 2021

The other day L’s mother was wearing some sweatpants with a large “S” on the waistband in the back.

Do I really need to say any more?

Because Of Course I Did

December 9, 2021

Today, for reasons I don’t even pretend to understand, L’s Mother had a pair of socks in her back pocket this morning. The logical thing to do would have been to ask her why.

I went for the socksy joke.

This Just Always Strikes Me As Funny

October 29, 2021

L’s Mother: Oh! Something else I was going to tell you . . . oh, you wouldn’t care . . .

Me: If you say so. I trust your judgement.

L’s Mother: *Proceeds to tell me at great length what she wasn’t going to tell me*

This Describes ALL My Early Relationships, In Fact

October 28, 2021

Today I was asked about my first kiss and if it was a good one or not; after a moment’s consideration, I admitted, “It was a good kiss, but a bad idea.”