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It’s A Confucian Catch-22

June 30, 2022

Even so, despite what I said yesterday, in the grand scheme of things it’s truly not that big a deal if a parent calls their child “my baby,” which is why a respectful child should endure it despite any insult or indignity they feel.

Mind you, a child feeling insulted by the term is precisely why a respectful parent shouldn’t call them that.

Them’s Fightin’ Words ‘Round Here

September 10, 2018

While L’s Mother and I generally consult with each other on household decisions, if she tells you “I don’t think so,” do yourself a favor and do not then ask if “her husband” is around.

Seeing Red

March 27, 2013

Agree or disagree with what is happening on social networking sites right now, I must protest labeling it the derogatory term “slacktivism.”

In a fine example of a straw man argument, I have heard it sneered that, “It’s not like this is going to influence the Supreme Court’s decision.”  While that is certainly true as far as it goes, let me put it to you this way:

Flying a flag at half-mast doesn’t make anyone less dead either; it’s simply a show of respect.

If you respect that, then perhaps you’ll earn some respect for yourself the next time you take a public stand on something.