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Unfortunately, I’m Playing Against Type

December 30, 2021

In life we play many roles.

Today the role I’m playing is “person trying to rest so they can heal.”

The Ultimate Answer Might Actually BE 42 In This Case

July 9, 2021
How many times must I need to rest,
before I actually rest?

(Apparently not only am I still thinking in verse, according to how I'm feeling today, I haven't been pacing myself very well either, so I'm off to change that.)

So I’m Really Not Goofing Off Today, I’m Resting

July 12, 2019

One of the best bits of advice I ever received was to never confuse recreation with rest.

It Was A *Particularly* Vain Hope For This Holiday

November 22, 2018

Every holiday has its traditional icons, but one of the least talked about icons is the “holiday possum.”  Strongly related to the “weekend possum” and the “day-off possum,” the holiday possum remains perfectly still in bed, mimicking sleep in the often vain hope that the child(ren) of the house will leave them be for at least a few minutes more.

The Thoughts That Preceded Today’s Unscheduled Nap

August 24, 2018

I’ve been on kind of a task treadmill all this week.  Maybe I should slow down for–

The “Rest” Of The Story

June 29, 2018

I understand completely if yesterday’s post engendered more “Okaaaay . . .” responses than anything else.  Originally I was going to elaborate before posting, but I ran out of time before I found a way to make it “pithy” enough for my tastes.  Today though, pithy or not, here’s the elaboration:

When I first got one of those toys that, among other things, monitors your heart rate (It was a hand-me-down I thought I’d try, not a necessity!) I had a bad moment before I realized I was reading my current heart rate as my resting heart rate.  BIG difference!

On the plus side, that brief scare got me more interested in my heart rate data, and that’s when I noticed something.  The difference in my resting heart rate on days after I’d gotten adequate sleep/rest versus the days after (and I’m going to be kind here) I got “less than ideal for me” amounts of sleep was . . . significant, significant enough for me to make some long overdue changes to my sleep habits, in fact.

So . . . yeah . . . it’s called resting heart rate for a reason.

I Know, I Know, That SHOULD Have Been Obvious

June 28, 2018

It’s only relatively recently that I realized that the operative word in “resting heart rate” is, you know, rest!

Today’s Definition Of Parenthood

March 13, 2015

(I in no way believe that I’m the first person to ever say this, but a quick search, at least, didn’t turn up any obvious sources, so I thought I’d record this here.)

Parenthood (noun) – A lifetime spent resisting a rest.