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An Excerpt From My Internal Monologue Today

February 10, 2022

Me: I’m not being very productive today.

Also Me: That’s because you need to rest.

Me: Yeah, but . . .

Also Me: No. Just rest.

Me: But . . .

Also Me: Rest. Now!

Me: But I really need to . . .

Also Me: Now!

Me: . . . clean up after the dog first, don’t you think?

Also me: . . .

Also me: Okay . . . yeah, that’s pretty nasty. Don’t leave that for later.

I’m Trying To Rest Today . . . And Failing

June 17, 2021

For what it’s worth, the day is less gloomy today and so am I, so here’s a more “neutral” thought for today:

When did I get so bad at goofing off? I used to be really, really good at it!