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Sometimes Virtue Really Is Its Own Reward

July 1, 2019

Me:  (thinking)  That looks like some kind of delicious cinnamon cereal!  (out loud while resisting the urge to steal a piece from the bowl while Lala isn’t looking)  “What is that?”

Lala:  “Pork rinds.”

Me:  (blanching)  “I’m really glad I didn’t steal some then!”

But When It Struck, It Struck Like An Iron Fist

December 27, 2013

So I’ve been sitting here a while now as I tried to decide what I wanted to write about.  I paused to tell someone in need of motivation that all they needed was to provide themselves a bigger reward to aid their motivation, then came back to this and wondered how I was going to motivate myself to make a decision.

The funny part is it actually took me a full minute before the irony of that struck me.