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And I Still Smell Faintly Of Our Fuel To Prove It

December 24, 2021

By popular demand, we had another series of launches (some successful, some not) of our vinegar and baking soda powered rocket in honor of the scheduled launch of the James Webb Space Telescope tomorrow.

May This Be A Favorable Omen For Things To Come

December 17, 2021

Today in honor of winter break and the upcoming launch of the James Webb Space Telescope, we did a little launch of our own using a vinegar and baking soda powered rocket. Conditions were favorable, and the rocket was kind enough to give me just enough time to remove my hand before launching. (Thereby demonstrating the importance of our pre-launch safety preparations in the process.)

L. Is SUPER Excited About This

February 6, 2018

Not a lot of time to do an entry today.  We had class in the morning, and now we’re waiting to see if the Falcon Heavy Test Flight makes its launch window or not.