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Either Way, I See Her Point

January 14, 2020

Two empty lakes can’t merge to form one full one.

– Anonymous someone explaining to me why she called off her engagement  (I honestly don’t know if this is a saying I am unfamiliar with, or if the person who said this has a gift for poetic imagery.)

Good To Know. I’m Just Going To File That Little Tidbit Away For Future Reference Now

June 1, 2017

Every time I hear someone say they’d prefer to deal with a situation like pulling off a Band-Aid (i.e., doing it quickly so as not to prolong the pain), I remember a time when *I* said something like that.

It was a few days after I’d had a decidedly minor surgery, but not so minor that it hadn’t necessitated a hospital stay during that time.  At this point I was bored and I was eager to go home, and the last obstacle standing in my way was the removal of my post-surgery bandages (which were attached to me via some sort of adhesive).

So the doctor comes in, makes the usual small talk, then asks me if I want the bandages removed “fast or slow.”  Naturally, I say fast.

That’s when he looks at me like he’s really seeing me for the first time.  “I was kidding,” he said with deadly seriousness.  “Fast would kill you.”

It’s Just Not Pithy Enough

March 21, 2013

As I picked Lala up from work today, I heard her thanking a co-worker for scratching her back.  On the way out the door I reminded her that by the law of common sayings, she was obligated to scratch their back in return.

“But I already scratched [another co-worker]’s back!” she told me.

When I replied that I was pretty sure that’s not the way it worked, she informed me that after she had scratched the second co-worker’s back, the second co-worker bought the first co-worker tacos, then she asked me if that counted.

I had to concede that it might, but that I wasn’t sure that “Scratch my back and I’ll scratch someone else’s and they’ll buy you tacos,” would ever really catch on.