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The Entry Is Now F Syl (For Syllabus)/CU

October 22, 2018

Despite my schedule snark last Friday, over the weekend I told my son that come Monday we’d be doing our best to have a school schedule again even though the interruptions here aren’t quite done yet.  I told him we’d just have to be flexible.

Keeping that in mind, I started drafting out our ideal time schedule with entries like “M Work” for Monday, and time blocks for doing “Catchup work” should the need arise.  This worked fine until I reached Friday, a traditional light school load day in case we need to do a lot of catchup work to finish off the week.  To make the entry fit, I filled it in as “F Work/CU”.

Then I said it aloud.

Not Even If It Gave Me Its Business Card

October 19, 2018

And while some tweaks remain at this time before the construction here is completely done, I realized this morning that I’ll be returning to a normal schedule soon.

Then I realized I wouldn’t recognize what a normal schedule looked like if it walked up to me, shook my hand, and introduced itself with “Hi, I’m a normal schedule.”

Tracking My (Lack Of) Progress

September 26, 2016

As some may have surmised from the brevity and tone of my previous entries, last week was an . . . odd one for me.

In short this was due L’s mother having the week off and wanting to treat the entire week like a vacation (which for her, it was) while simultaneously keeping up with L’s school schedule and me doing my best to keep my own personal projects, if not on track, at least only derailing such that I could get them back on track with minimal difficulty this week.

Two out of three of these things were accomplished.

I’m Not Sure, But . . .

October 22, 2012

. . . I think I’m so far behind on the race I’m trying to run that I’m actually leading the race that was scheduled to start after my race finished.

(As is frequently the case, I’m exaggerating for effect, but that’s certainly the way I feel today.)