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It’s Something To Keep In Mind

October 11, 2021

Now I consider this a touchstone, not a truism, but a phrase my son has heard from me a lot lately in our science discussions is, “If it’s not testable, it’s opinion.”

What Did You THINK I Meant?

October 12, 2017

“Right,” I said out loud this morning.  “Time to get the tape and the coconut oil.”

It was at this point I became aware of questioning adult eyes upon me.

“They’re needed for a science project demonstrating why spiders don’t get stuck to their own webs,” I clarified with a chuckle.

And A Penalty Flag To “Modern” Arrogance

July 8, 2014

Yesterday I read an article about recent research showing that the right amount of water added to sand makes it easier to slide things, a little fact that could be important if you happened to be in the habit of building large stone structures in the desert. Since this is such a useful thing to know, you’d think the Ancient Egyptians would have recorded it somewhere.

Guess what? They did. (If you follow the link, note the guy pouring the water in front of the big statue on the sledge.)

So why didn’t anybody really notice this before?

Well . . . it was noticed, but it was dismissed by modern scholars as some sort of ritual action with no other significance.

Score to the Ancient Egyptian engineers on this one.