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I’m Starting To Think I’m Unreasonable On That Point

June 21, 2021

One constant about myself that I’ve noticed over the years is that no matter what I’m trying to recover from, every day I haven’t recovered yet I have some variation of the thought, “Shouldn’t I have been over this yesterday?”

I Think This Says A Lot About Me

May 25, 2021

Even before I posted what I posted yesterday, I was aware that I had posted something similar in the past. What I found amusing however is that apparently the same basic (tongue-in-cheek) thought while sleepy is philosophy, but when had fully awake it’s logic.

It’s Like Looking In An Old Mirror

February 19, 2021

When asked why I believed that someone I didn’t know well was an uncaring jerk, my response was, “As a former uncaring jerk myself, I can still recognize the signs.”

So I’m Learning

January 21, 2020

While it’s true that even if I completed everything else, my first impulse is to feel a sense of failure if I fail to complete the last (and by definition, the least important) item on my day’s to-do list, I’m pleased to say that these days my second impulse is to not take my first impulse very seriously.

I’ve Been Struggling With That My Whole Life, Which Includes The Entire Time She’s Known Me

September 5, 2019

Last night L’s Mother had an ephipheny.  I’d just finished saying that I needed someone (not her) to stop telling me that I was going to react in a certain way, because it was only making me defensive and therefore less likely that I would react in the way they wanted, when L’s Mother looked at me and said, “I just realized something; you are innately defiant!”.

I have to admit, her saying that to me shook me to my very core.  “You mean you just figured that out now?” I asked in genuine utter disbelief.

You Learn Other Things As Well, Of Course

September 4, 2019

Babies are on my mind today (and, let me be clear, not because one is coming to this house), and children really are amazing creatures.  If you want to learn things about yourself that you never wanted to learn, raising a child is an intensive course in that subject.

It Just Confused Them When I Was Ten

May 8, 2019

With my birthday approaching (and having reviewed my last few entries here), I am pleased (in a backhanded sort of way) that I’m finally getting old enough for people to expect me to be as crotchety as I am.

Life Can Be Funny That Way Sometimes

September 13, 2018

Come to think of it, something else the recent work on the house is for me is an opportunity to observe how I currently respond to various stressors such as noise, random schedule changes, delays, etc.

I’d be snarkier about this, but I’ve actually learned some things about myself . . .

Open Necessity, Insert Foot

September 5, 2018

So after two solid days of necessary work, my foot is telling me today is a good day to let it heal some more.

I think I’ll listen to it.

A Paraphrase Of Part Of My Conversation With Mom Last Night

August 17, 2018

Even as a kid I really did try to not just dig my heels in from pure obstinance, but . . . once it was made to clear to me that I was in a no-win situation, I would always chose how I was going to lose.  Always.

I still do that, in fact, but I like to think that these days I do it with more awareness, at least.