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Usually One With Excessive Barking

January 27, 2020

Be it large scale (like an impeachment trial) or small, if the outcome of a trial is a foregone conclusion, then it’s not a trial, it’s a dog and pony show.

Yeah . . .

January 23, 2020

Much to my surprise, yesterday’s “falling iguana” warning got national attention.  This was, in part, due to the fact that some people starting selling iguana meat online because iguanas are (rightfully so) considered an invasive nuisance species here.  You’re not allowed to be cruel to them, but because there’s so much overpopulation, you are allowed to humanely cull them on your own property.

Iguanas are so prevalent, in fact, that yesterday I heard of a friend of a friend who, while predominately vegetarian, has ending up killing so many iguanas to keep his property clear that he feels that the only right thing to do is to eat what he kills.  While I understand and respect his point of view, I find myself hoping he never ends up having to deal with a human trespasser . . .

That Explains SO Much!

January 3, 2020

In recent years I’ve started playing online games with my son from time to time, and this afternoon, to make up for being busy most of the day, was one of those times.

It’s always a frantic run from one battle to another with very little talking (because there’s almost no time to type anything and I’ve never set up any sort of voice chat since we’re in the same house), little to no planning beyond “Get them!”, and (to my way of thinking) an unnecessary amount of time running and jumping around.

In other words, recently I’ve realized that most of the people I’ve played online games with over the years were under ten years old.

But It’s REALLY Funny To Me

December 30, 2019

Before I forget, a quick Christmas memory that made me happy:

At one point L’s Mother was talking about how she wanted everyone in the house to have a good holiday even if she had to use “the power of her mind” to make that happen.

Having literally waited years for this particular opening, I turned with a smirk and asked her if that meant she was wishing us a “Jolly Svengali Christmas.”

Maybe I’m the only one who finds that funny.

You Can’t Hand In What You Don’t Have

December 26, 2019

After yesterday’s post someone told me to hand in my “glitter card.”

I’m just going to let that one sit there.

Yes, There Were People In The Kitchen, My Mood’s Not THAT Odd!

December 18, 2019

I’m in a odd mood today.  This morning I walked into the kitchen and announced, “I’m just here to get a cup of tea; nobody has to get hurt.  No, really.  Nobody has to get hurt because I’m just here to get a cup of tea.”

Yay, I’m Going To Be Famous

December 17, 2019

You know you’re talking to family when you mention in passing that you’re feeling queasy this morning and that almost never happens to you, and the instant response is “Maybe you’re pregnant.”

Some Things Really Should Go Without Saying

December 5, 2019

Pharmaceutical Ad:  Do not take our product if you previously nearly died as a consequence of taking our product.

Me:  Also, do not ingest our product when it’s mixed with molten lead . . . 

Insane Insight In Action

December 4, 2019

(Let the record reflect that I do know today is the anniversary of this blog; I just don’t find that fact very interesting at this point, and, yes, it is magic to be married to me.)

Yesterday Lala misspoke and created the word “overneath,” a feat for which I initially teased her.  “Congratulations,” I facetiously told her, “for creating a nonsense word worthy of the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party; a word they would doubtlessly use to describe the placement of their saucers as they . . . stacked the cups and saucers on top of each other, making the saucers over one cup and under another . . .”

I shook my head wryly.  “Actually, that’s a pretty good word,” I had to admit.  “Congratulations.”

But Since I Coudn’t Find The Right Kind Of Mud, I Made Jasmine Instead

December 3, 2019

“I don’t have much time to make myself a cup of tea,” L’s Mother announced today.

“I can make tea,” I said before asking, “What kind of tea would you like?”

“Any kind,” she foolishly told me.

Flashing her a grin I said, “Worm and mud tea it is.”

“I don’t think worm tea would be very good,” she said with a smirk.

I nodded in agreement.  “Just mud then.”