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Fair Warning, I’m In One Of “Those” Moods Today

September 8, 2022

The other day I saw one of those inspirational messages that are ubiquitous on social media. This particular one was basically saying they were proud of anyone who that day or ever had pulled themselves out of a dark place mentally.

This is fine.

But my honest first response was, “Some of us call that moment ‘breakfast,’ you know!”

Inspired By My Old High School Making The News (In A Bad Way)

September 13, 2019

Guys . . . being an idiot is bad enough; for the love of all that’s holy, stop recording yourselves being idiots!

Oh, Riiiight! Happy Birthday Then!

June 12, 2019

Why am I wishing this person a happy birthday via social media again?  I asked myself this morning.  We haven’t talked in years, I can’t remember the last time they even acknowledged when I sent them any well wishes, and odds are good they’re not checking their own page anymore anyway, so . . . why?

Because it’s their birthday, the answer came back, and if they do check their page you want them to know you were thinking of them even if they don’t acknowledge you, remember?

You Know You’re Not Enjoying The Show When You Start Appreciating The Commercials

January 31, 2017

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy that people are paying so much attention to what the President is doing.  People paying attention is a good thing.

With that said though, this is my actual thought process from just a few moments ago:

(While checking a news feed)  Huh . . . I think that’s the first time in over a week I’ve seen a headline that wasn’t about Trump one way or the other.  The break is kind of nice, actually. 

(Moves to check social media and sees that the first post is about how terrible Trump is.)  Annnnd we’re back to our regularly scheduled program . . .

Not All That Different Really

January 30, 2017

Upon hearing the news that a younger family member was engaged you . . .

Before the age of social media 

. . . thought to yourself, “he’s not good enough for her.”

After the age of social media

. . . check out his Facebook page then think to yourself, “he’s not good enough for her.”

(I’m kidding, kiddo . . . mostly.  He seems nice, but there’s a reason I keep my overprotective streak in check.  At times like this you could show me a guy who walks on water, and my first thought would be to wonder if he thought he was too good to get his feet wet or something.

All jokes aside though, congrats.)

A Daily (Paraphrased) Conversation Of Late

January 11, 2017

Social Media:  Did you hear what ________ said about ______?

Me:  I heard that they said something, yes.  You made sure of that.

Social Media:  But did you hear what they said?!

Me:  Not really, no.

Social Media:  How could you not?!

Me:  Are they experts on the subject or otherwise stating facts that I can independently verify?

Social Media:  No, but . . .

Me:  Do their opinions have the force of law or arms?

Social Media:  No, but . . .

Me:  Then to me it’s just a stranger giving their opinions on a subject, and more often than not these days, it’s a subject I won’t discuss even with people I know unless they are among my closest confidants. 

Social Media:  But they said it,  how can you not care about that?!

Me:  Practice.

Well I Do!

July 13, 2016

Every time I see on social media people posting the results of their “This is the size of my vocabulary” quizzes, I keep thinking “Maybe . . . but how well do you use it?”

It’s A Valid Fear

June 21, 2016

So I see that another one of those “Things about me” lists is making the rounds on my social media, and the second entry on said list is “Biggest fear.”

It should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me at all that my mental response to that was “Biggest fear:  Being foolish enough to post my biggest fear on social media.”

In That Case, Maybe Not

November 18, 2015

Not to be snarky about it, but I really do have parenthood to thank for the lesson that words aren’t the answer to everything.  It seems to be pretty normal for kids to go through phases (sometimes interminable one) where every word out of their mouth is a fuss or complaint, frequently with a generous dollop of melodrama on the side for good measure.  (For instance, the current drama playing out here at the moment is “Why will nobody find something for me because I don’t want to look for it myself?”)  Most kids grow out of it in time.

I think.

It all depends on if comment sections and social media are representative samples or not.

This Is Particularly Dangerous For Stage Magicians, Escape Artists And Politicians

August 24, 2015

As evidenced by my series of short entries last week, my life had gotten pretty busy again.  Fortunately, this week shows promise of being kinder to me, and because today is more sedate, I find my thoughts drifting somewhat idly at the moment.

There’s nothing inherently wrong in “playing to the crowd,” as it were.  With the advent of social media, many people do that to some degree or another on a daily basis.  This doesn’t particularly bother me.

What bothers me is when I start feeling that creeping suspicion that someone is no longer playing to the crowd, and that they have started to actually believe their own act . . .