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Sometimes It Really Is A Small World, Isn’t It?

June 18, 2021

Today I find myself glancing out the window occasionally for signs of dust from the Sahara desert and thinking with awe of the man (Christian Junge) who first looked at the orange South Florida skies in the 1950’s and thought, “That looks familiar from my time in Africa, I wonder . . .”

(I can’t find a succinct link to support this fact that’s not behind a paywall, but the link provided should support it enough to get you started if you’re inclined to follow it up.)

Sounds Like A South Florida Christmas To Me

December 24, 2019

I’m trying to get into the Christmas spirit, but I’m obviously only having “limited success,” so let’s see if I can find something good to write about.

Let’s see . . . it’s a pretty day, and that huge mosquito is on the other side of my window, so that’s pretty good.

Colder Weather Is Afoot

December 30, 2016

Given recent events, I thought I’d close this week out on a lighter note.

Last night as I took the garbage and recycling bins out, I noticed there was something in the air that promised that a sharp drop in temperature was coming.  (A promise that was fulfilled, by the way.)

Well . . . I thought.  It is the time of year for it, after all.  Pretty soon I’ll have to stop taking out the bins while barefoot . . .

Seriously, Without The Lights I Wouldn’t Be Able To Tell Otherwise

December 23, 2016

Well . . . it’s sunny and 79 degrees Fahrenheit outside my window right now, but I see people have strung lights in their palm trees.

Must be Christmas time again . . .