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Sounds Like A South Florida Christmas To Me

December 24, 2019

I’m trying to get into the Christmas spirit, but I’m obviously only having “limited success,” so let’s see if I can find something good to write about.

Let’s see . . . it’s a pretty day, and that huge mosquito is on the other side of my window, so that’s pretty good.

Colder Weather Is Afoot

December 30, 2016

Given recent events, I thought I’d close this week out on a lighter note.

Last night as I took the garbage and recycling bins out, I noticed there was something in the air that promised that a sharp drop in temperature was coming.  (A promise that was fulfilled, by the way.)

Well . . . I thought.  It is the time of year for it, after all.  Pretty soon I’ll have to stop taking out the bins while barefoot . . .

Seriously, Without The Lights I Wouldn’t Be Able To Tell Otherwise

December 23, 2016

Well . . . it’s sunny and 79 degrees Fahrenheit outside my window right now, but I see people have strung lights in their palm trees.

Must be Christmas time again . . .