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When Your Breakfast Is Hot Enough You Decide To Skip The Coffee

May 20, 2019

It’s been an odd day, and things like time keep slipping away from me today, so here’s a window into the morning thoughts that started my day:

Ooh, Jalapenos . . . and eggs and cheese!  Let me just scramble those up!

*takes a bite*

Ah!  Jalapenos!

So I Had A Hot Time Last Night . . .

June 9, 2014

I may have mentioned in the past my love of spicy food. Of course as we all know, those who live by the spice, die by the spice, and that came close to happening to me last night. Due to an ill-timed laugh on my part, I almost inhaled a bite of hot pepper, slapping it against the soft palate at the back of my mouth with . . . predictable results.

I’m fine. I couldn’t talk above a whisper for a few moments after, but I’m fine.

But because I’m so comfortable with my heat tolerance, this didn’t wound my pride in the slightest even though this happened in public. I know I can take the heat; this was just a bit of bad luck on my part. These things happen sometimes, and five minutes later I was having another hot pepper laden bite as if the incident had never happened. It had happened, of course, but it was comfortably in the past, and thus irrelevant to the present.

There’s a lesson in that . . . it’s just not one that’s always so easy for me to remember when hot peppers aren’t involved.