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“By Reading This Shirt You Accept All Responsibility, Legal And Moral, For The Results Of Your Actions”

March 17, 2022

“I’m okay with tomorrow being Saint Patrick’s Day,” I overheard my son saying yesterday, “but I’m not okay with having to wear green, and I’m not okay with being pinched!”

I found that reasonable since I think an appropriate T-shirt for me to wear on this day might say, “PINCH ME (and you’ll trigger my homicidal violence).”

So I’m Getting Some Business Cards Printed Up

March 18, 2020

So yesterday somebody posted one of those “Find Your Offensive St. Patrick’s Day Name” name generators on my social media feed, and I had a few moments, so I checked and saw that my generated name was beyond anything I was prepared for even knowing the name was supposed to be “offensive.”

I mean, this was a name that could only appeal to a drunk and hor. . . monal teenager who was at the stage of intoxication that everything is funny (especially the stuff that isn’t) and the delusion has set in that whatever they say will come across as witty and charming, and there is simply no way I am going to ever post or even say that name in public!