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Try Not To Force Things, Maybe?

November 16, 2020

It’s silly, I know, but after years of hearing Star Wars references, I’ve started to wonder what you’re supposed to do when the Force isn’t with you . . .

Then He Wanted To Play Star Wars

May 4, 2018

Today I told my son it was “Star Wars Day” because it was May the fourth, as in “May the fourth be with you.”

He was distinctly unimpressed.

A Few Sentences Is More Than A Couple

December 29, 2017

Still not feeling 100% today, but since I’m capable of stringing more than a couple of sentences together, I feel the need to demonstrate that capability.  Yesterday’s joke/not joke was, of course, inspired by the fact that I saw The Last Jedi yesterday, so people can now stop asking me if I’ve seen it yet.

Yes, that really is all I’m planning to say.

(Jokes aside, I’m deliberately taking it easy today, but the fact that I’m in a snarky mood is a sign that I’m on the road to recovery.)


I Used To Think That Talking Politics Or Religion Was The Worst It Got

December 28, 2017

To the list of things I avoid discussing if I want a civil conversation, I am now adding Star Wars.

This Just Struck Me As Funny

December 19, 2017

I’m aware through my own experience that, first of all, the fans are so passionate, they care so deeply — sometimes they care very violently at me on Twitter.

– Rian Johnson, writer and director of The Last Jedi

He Got It In One

October 18, 2017

Long day today (story for another time), but at one point someone commented on my son’s Darth Vader shirt and asked him if he was dark side.  L’s mother was quick to assure him that while we weren’t Jedi, we were light side, just working with our own traditions.

“Oh!” he exclaimed, “so you’re innovators!”

“Well . . .” I replied, “for obvious reasons we try not to call ourselves ‘Inno-Vaders’  . . .”

We Need To Talk, Son . . . But Not Today

April 5, 2016

As mentioned before, my 5-year-old son is more than passingly familiar with the Star Wars universe, but there are gaps in his knowledge.  For instance, he’s watched numerous episodes of The Clone Wars, so he knows who Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka are, and he certainly understands that the title “Darth” is a Sith title, but he’s shown little interest so far in sitting down to watch the full-length movies, so some of those knowledge gaps are . . . significant.

Case in point:

Last night I was mentioning how certain sections of the Internet have exploded following the season 2 finale of Star Wars Rebels because it featured the long-awaited face-off between Darth Vadar and . . . ahem, Anakin Skywaker’s former padawan, Ahsoka.  Having watched a clip of the encounter, I was describing it to Lala and L’s Mother when L, wanting to be included in the storytelling, chimed in, “And then Anakin came to help her.”

I had no idea what to say to that.

I still don’t.

Was This Not The Droid You Were Looking For?

December 28, 2015

And now an Emperor-like quote rasped by me as my son and I played with Christmas toys from different genres:

Now witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational . . . DecepticonDeath Star . . . transform!

When Worlds Collide

December 23, 2015

It’s an odd sensation to hear your son proclaiming to your mother that “You are not my father!  I am your father, Luke!”

From A Certain Point Of View

December 18, 2015

All this hype and excitement . . .

*shakes head*

Want to know a secret?

When Star Wars hit the theaters back when it was just “Star Wars” and before they added “A New Hope”  to the title, I didn’t see it for months after, and I almost didn’t bother to see it all because I hated, absolutely detested, all the hype over it.  When I did get around to seeing it, I enjoyed it, of course, but I still remember those months of telling people, “I’ll see it if I want to see it, when I want to see it!”

Guess I haven’t changed that much over the years.

One thing that has changed though is that while I still don’t share the excitement, these days I do understand it, all these people flipping their lids over the premiere of a new Star Wars movie because it makes them feel like kids again.  I get it.

And I guess, in a way, the same is true of me, come to think.