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So If I AM Ever Asked, I’m Prepared

June 6, 2022

If I’m ever asked to describe the 2020’s using storm systems, I’m going to do it like this:

Agatha went to Mexico and came out uncertain of their identity, but after a quick trip to Florida, reinvented themselves as Alex.

Come On!

June 3, 2022

It says something about my mood this week that I keep checking the storm tracker and thinking, “Just turn into a tropical storm already!”

So DEFINITELY Business As Usual Then

August 17, 2021

So Fred essentially bypassed us, Grace is in the process of completely bypassing us, while Henri dances off-shore with no real chance of coming anywhere near us, so I’m hopeful we’ll have a couple of weeks peace before the next storm I’ll need to keep an eye on. In other words, pretty much business as usual around here for this time of year.

And despite all that, I’m still have difficulty explaining to some people that not only is this normal, it’s normal for me to accept this as normal.

And It’ll Discourage Us From Throwing Stones

August 29, 2019

Recently I ordered three huge bottles of a hot barbecue sauce that I like, and I was feeling pretty pleased with myself having them stocked in the cabinet, but today another three bottles arrived.  Checking the records, it certainly appeared that they had been ordered, just not by me, so I asked L’s Mother if she knew anything about this.

“They were still in the cart when it was time to place my order, so I went ahead and ordered them just to be on the safe side,” she told me.

“Fortunately they keep,” I replied.

“And now we have storm supplies,” she added.

“Yes,” I had to agree.  “If it gets bad we can build a shelter out of the bottles to hide behind.”

Now If It Would Only Storm Off

August 28, 2019

Yesterday’s Assessment of Dorian Based On Yesterday’s Information:  Yeah, it might hit the Florida coast as a hurricane, but it was already projected to hit with around 70 M.P.H. winds, so we’re probably not talking much of a difference.

Today’s Assessment:  We seem to have angered it.

Now I’m Starting To Feel Messed With Though

June 12, 2018

And some days you’ll race to beat the storm, but instead of getting wet, you’ll see the sun instead.

Fortunately For Me, I Like Watching Storms

June 11, 2018

Some days you’re looking for sunshine, but what you get is to watch the storm roll in instead.

Posted In Honor Of Today’s Weather

June 6, 2017

Some people create their own storms, then get mad when it rains.

– Unknown

Jokes Aside, I’m Watching The Real Storm Carefully

October 3, 2016

Just a heads up that this week looks like it’s going to be a stormy one for me, so my entries this week are likely to be brief.  With luck though, it’ll all blow over by the end of Friday and I’ll finally be caught up again.

Oh, and Hurricane Matthew may also have some impact on my week.

Inspiration Found

June 22, 2016

Last night L’s mother slipped outside to sit on the porch to seek inspiration from the storm overhead.  Now I’ve done this a time or two myself and the porch is covered, so I didn’t think twice about her doing this . . . right up until the point there was a crack of thunder that shook the house and a concurrent flash of lighting that was dazzling even through the closed blinds.

A few moments later L’s mother was back inside the house and she absolutely reeked of ozone.

“I’m inspired!” she announced in a cheery voice.  “I’m definitely inspired to come back inside now!”