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This Doesn’t Mean They’re Not Supporting You

November 26, 2021

It is fully possible for someone to respect your right to make a choice about your life (like, say, moving across country to be closer to some girl), and to hope that it brings you happiness (and it did), but to still think it’s a very, very bad idea (my parents were understandably less than thrilled with my decision at the time).

Another Thing I’m Not Going To Top Today

October 12, 2016

The following is a paraphrased conversation from this morning:

He:  Did I not mention that the quadruple bypass happens today?

Me:  Seeing as you didn’t mention to me that there was going to be a quadruple bypass at all, I’m going to have to say no.

(Good luck.)

Said That Way, I Like Those Odds

February 16, 2016

I seem to have reached the “feel generally okay until it’s time to sleep, then start coughing myself silly” phase of this flu, which I’m told is the winding down phase.


As such, when my son informed me at seven this morning that it was time to get up and I wasn’t coughing, I fought a brief internal battle, let his mother continue sleeping since her coughing the night before had been worse than mine, then woke up Lala (who’s already passed the coughing phase) and asked her if she could keep an eye on him while I caught up on some rest.  Sleepily she nodded her assent while I promised to let her go back to bed as soon as I got up again.  “We’ll make it through this day somehow,” I assured her more by rote than conviction at this point.

“Of course we will,” she murmured, still only half-awake.  “We have a 100% success rate on making it through every day of this so far, don’t we?”