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This Isn’t An Original Observation On My Part, But It’s Something I Keep In Mind A Lot

July 27, 2018

Even though they convey the same core message, there are worlds of difference between someone saying “Father, I have sinned,” and “Daddy, I’ve been naughty.”


Today’s Unfriendly Warning

October 20, 2017

It’s always risky opening a shut door when you know someone is working on the other side, but it gets even riskier to do so after someone has said “I need some time to figure out what I’m going to write today.”  The risk factor goes off the chart, however, if after that you open the door anyway and say, “Oh!  I see you’re not working at all right now!”

If you ever do this, just run, and do not attempt to initiate conversation in any way whatsoever!  Close family members and children will probably survive this encounter, albeit not necessarily completely unscathed; there is precisely zero guarantee of anyone else being so fortunate.

So I’ll Just Have To Keep Doing My Best With The Time I’ve Got

March 2, 2017

Despite the fact that it started with my gaffe the other day, I’m actually glad I had the conversation that followed.  Admittedly some of this stems from the fact that I got in some good lines like, “I doubt any reader alive or dead has ever sat down a book and said, ‘Now that was one FANTASTIC word count of a story!'”, and that always make me happy.

But ego aside . . .

(Wait for it.  It takes time to move something that size, you know.)

. . . some really good points were raised in that conversation, and I might talk about them another time, but one point in particular struck a personal chord with me.

Pretty much by definition, when you’re writing you’re not spending time with your loved ones, and the concept of being a “writing widow/widower” will be familiar to anyone who has tried living with a writer.  After a six month hiatus I’m making time to write again, but I’d like to set aside a lot more time than I currently am, and truth be told I’m a little too okay with the idea of leaving a “writing widow” in my wake as I work.

But I won’t leave a “writing orphan.”

Back In The Saddle Again

February 27, 2017

So it’s been a long hiatus, but after spending the last six months or so learning the ropes of how to homeschool my son, I’m finally resuming writing again.

No regrets on shifting my focus away from writing for so long, but it’s good to be back in the saddle again because writing is one of those callings you get saddle sores if you don’t do it for too long.

“You Noticed THAT Pretty Quickly, Now Didn’t You?”

September 14, 2016

Annnd I now have a definition for a previously undefined level of awkward, the “being the guy who notices and feels the need to point out that the kindergarten random letter worksheet spells out a vocabulary word that many parents would prefer not be introduced to their children until it’s time for ‘the talk.'” level.

But Only When They’re Both Old Enough To Roll Their Eyes At Me

April 22, 2016

So how am I going to address my daughter?

That’s easy.  If I can say, “Son, we need to talk,” to my son, I can say “Daughter, we need to talk,” to my daughter.  That was always my plan, it just struck me how odd it is that that’s not the norm, albeit not as odd as the whole “princess/prince” thing.

Of course during less formal times I’m sure to use a generous mixture of my preferred gender-neutral kid addresses of “kiddo,” “champ,” and/or “slugger” as I see fit just as I do with my son since I’m already in the habit.

. . .

And once, just once (probably), I plan to address my daughter and my son as “lesser spawn” so I can bid them to “attend your creator and master.”

A Trick Which Requires Multiple Sticks

April 21, 2016

Upon further reflection I realized that it sounds strange to me to address my daughter as “daughter” because in the gestalt culture I grew up in, daughters are generally addressed with pet names like “princess” instead.  And even though I suspect we could easily find offensive elements in how that cultural habit developed, before anybody get too offended by this, I’d like to point out that it would sound equally strange to me to address my son as “prince.”

So which is worse?  That sons are addressed as “son,” but not as “prince,” or daughters are addressed as “princess” but not as “daughter”?  It seems to me that somehow everybody ends up with the short end of the stick on this one.

It Just Sounds Strange

April 20, 2016

While the L Naming Issue has been resolved, there is one more ripple that came out of that issue.  One of my original thoughts was since I frequently address L(K) as “son” to clarify when I’m talking to him as opposed to about him, I could do something comparable with L(A) . . . but then I realized something.

Maybe this is just me, but while it sounds perfectly natural to me to say, “Son, we need to talk,” saying “Daughter, we need to talk,” makes me want to raise my voice so I can be heard all the way from the 1800’s.

Just one of those quirks of language and culture over time, I guess.

We Have A Winner

April 14, 2016

And the solution to the L. Naming Issue (as suggested by Devon in the comments of the previous link) is to include the middle initial as well.  This has the advantages of simplicity, elegance, and it doesn’t require me to make any potentially confusing changes to category names, so that’s what I’m going with.

Thanks, Devon.

How The “L” Am I Going To Make This Work?

April 12, 2016

Another thought stemming from last Friday’s announcement started innocuously enough.  Over the weekend somebody asked me if we had a name picked out for our daughter yet, and we do.  As is my habit, I won’t be posting her full name in this blog, I’ll just refer to her here by the first letter of her name like I do with my son L.  The first letter of her name is going to be . . . “L.”