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And As I Recall, I Also Got It The First Time The First Flight I Could Remember Hit Turbulence

January 28, 2019

I don’t like talking about my travels until after I get back.  This just seems like good sense to me, but as I’ve admitted elsewhere, there are some things I’m just old-fashioned about.  Some of this I was more or less born with, and some, well . . . let’s just say I’ve acquired naturally over time.

For instance, I’m old enough to remember when you needed to keep your seatbelt fastened during a flight in case you hit turbulence, instead of “unexpected rough air.”

(Snark aside, that’s not a warning you want people to misunderstand, so I do get it!)

I’ll Tell You More About It Next Week

December 1, 2017

Now that I’m rested I don’t mind explaining why I was so sleep deprived yesterday:

Suffice it to say that taking a red-eye flight with a seven-year-old in tow is not conducive to rest, and doing so currently tops my list of “Stupidest things I have ever done (albeit for a good reason)”.  It was bad, but like Thanksgiving (when we were doing the exact same thing in the other direction), it could have been a lot worse.

The last time I flew I had a bit of a lingering head cold and couldn’t get my ears to pop, so I spent two hours in pain, followed by days of hearing things like I had a wool blanket over my head, and those memories were fresh in my mind as I boarded a five hour flight.  I was fine, but I felt fine before I boarded the last time I flew too, so I didn’t know I was going to be fine until I was in the air.

Regardless, I’m glad went, but I’m equally glad to be home again.

Please Tell Me I Don’t Have To Clarify This Is Just A Joke

December 15, 2014

A while back Lala took a plane trip to visit The Lands of Snow.  (Yes, this is an actual place on my personal world map; it’s my private version of “Here there be dragons.”)  After she landed I asked her if she’d had a good flight, and she told me that she had.

“Chatted the last leg with the guy next to me.  He’s a new dad,” she added.

Now I’d certainly heard of the Mile High Club, but this struck me as taking it to unnecessary extremes.

On the other hand, I know as well as the next guy how boring those long flights can be, so maybe I shouldn’t judge.