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And That’s What’s Really Going To Matter For The Next Few Days

August 12, 2021

So how am I doing? (Aside from being annoyed at life, I mean.)

As I predicted/feared . . . I don’t know.

Some of my signs are good, and some of my signs, while not bad, are decidedly less good, so I think I’m almost fully recovered, but I’ve been there before, you know?

If nothing else, I’m well enough to get us prepped for our first Tropical Storm of the season, so there is that.

I Think She Was Making A Joke, But It Was Greek To Me

October 26, 2020

This needs to stop before this gets even an iota worse!

– L’s Mother upon hearing of the formation of Tropical Storm Zeta

There But For The Grace Of The Gods Of Weather Go I

August 31, 2015

On Friday I announced that Tropical Storm Erika was headed my way and might delay today’s entry.  As of today, Erika is but a  memory, having lost organization as a tropical storm long before it reached me, and the weather here right now is gorgeous.  This has prompted some people to make snide comments about weather forecasters being “alarmist.”

I’m guessing that none of the people making those comments live in Dominica, where Erika will be remembered as the deadliest natural disaster to hit there since 1979.

These storms, even “small” ones, have incredible damage potential, and that’s why people who understand that take them very, very seriously.  They’re not being alarmist, they’re being smart, because they know it only would have taken a relatively minuscule path change to have brought Erika (and her rain) over my head long enough to flood me out of my home.  No, it didn’t happen that way, but it could have.  That’s the way these storms work . . . every time.

Never forget that.