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Truth Can Still Be Funnier Than Fiction

September 18, 2013

A couple of years ago I laughingly mentioned the type of banner ads Facebook was trying to match to my profile.  I still chuckle about that from time to time, in fact.

But recently Twitter has started to top Facebook on the joke.

It doesn’t happen every time, of course, but it’s happened often enough that I’ve started to notice a pattern on Twitter’s top three suggestions on whom I might like to follow.  When it does happen, the suggestions tend to run something like this:

Actual example #1:  Patrick Stewart @ SirPatStew.  (Okay, I’ve never really said anything about liking any of the many things Patrick Stewart is famous for, but I do, so I understand this.)

Actual example #2:  Seth Green @ SethGreen.  (Ditto.)

Fictional example (I think!):  18+SexyGrrl @ TehSexyPlace.

Wow!  Really?  You know what?  When I signed up for Twitter, I flat out (and naively) did not expect to see something like this there!  I’m not offended, of course, just a little surprised, and even more surprised that this keeps happening.

With all due respect to Sir Patrick Stewart and Seth Green, I hope they stop cluttering up my suggestion list soon.

How Tweet It Is (Follow-up)

September 10, 2013

Let it be said that I do understand how people can get hooked on Twitter.

Laugh all you want, but it made me happy to hear that Christina Ricci was enjoying a nice dinner and having a wonderful time.

How Tweet It Is

September 9, 2013

*wince*  Yeah, that one was really bad and I know it.(1)

But in any event, let it be known that I have set up a Twitter account, thus catching me up to being only five years or so behind the times.(2)

Yes, I did this because of a girl.(3)


(1)  Not to mention overused.(4)

(2)  And even that is a generous assessment.

(3)  “Which one this time?” you ask.  What makes you think it was just one?

(4)  Note the distinct lack of apology here.