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I’m Not Sure How This Works

November 11, 2021

There are vastly more people who complain about the weather than there are people who actually experience said weather.

Thoughts On Yet Another Rainy Afternoon

July 28, 2021

At this point I’d even put up with some fair-weather friends just to experience some fair weather . . .

Sometimes It Really Is A Small World, Isn’t It?

June 18, 2021

Today I find myself glancing out the window occasionally for signs of dust from the Sahara desert and thinking with awe of the man (Christian Junge) who first looked at the orange South Florida skies in the 1950’s and thought, “That looks familiar from my time in Africa, I wonder . . .”

(I can’t find a succinct link to support this fact that’s not behind a paywall, but the link provided should support it enough to get you started if you’re inclined to follow it up.)

My Response: Breathing Is Overrated

March 22, 2021

I’ve stated before the reasons behind my reluctance to talk about the weather these days, so I winced when yesterday I heard L’s Mother telling one of her sisters how warm it is here. To L’s Mother’s credit, she did add that at the moment the pollen is so thick that it’s practically impossible to breathe right now.

Her sister’s retort was simply, “We got 25 inches of snow this year.”

Because I Was

December 21, 2020

This is the time of year when South Florida is particularly prone to temperature fluctuation, with the air conditioner needed one day, the heater the next, and so on. Suffice it to say that maintaining a comfortable household temperature for multiple people (a challenge under the best of circumstances) can quickly become an ordeal.

It’s an ordeal that I am especially bored of at this point.

Which is why when L’s Mother announced out of the blue that she was “a warm,” my only response was that I was “aware.”

It Just Stopped Being Fun After That

December 8, 2020

I’m always quick to admit that I love South Florida’s weather, especially this time of year. As today’s cold weather advisory reminded me, there was a time I enjoyed playfully teasing friends who lived in colder climates along the lines that our “cold weather advisory” is their “warm weather advisory.”

I don’t do that anymore since the day someone (however facetiously) wished death upon me and my family during a particularly unpleasant northern winter.

They Don’t See The Problem At All

May 27, 2020

Yesterday I mentioned that we’ve got our own little “March of the Trees” going on in our backyard right now.

Today (since it’s not raining at the moment), I thought I’d show you what I was talking about:

This one seems to be accepting his fate with his head held high.
But it can’t be a good sign when you can see clouds reflecting off your backyard.
Not everyone sees this as a problem though.

Or Maybe They’re Trying To Invade, I Don’t Know

May 26, 2020

I don’t usually talk about the weather unless it involves hurricane level storms or the like, but lately it’s rained here so much that it looks like the trees in my backyard have been doing a slow, dignified suicide march into the water.

This Is Absolutely Not A Joke

January 22, 2020

You know the weather has changed around here when they issue the “falling iguana” warning.

Words Overheard On A Drizzly Day

December 14, 2018

There’s nothing worse for me in the world than to be wet.

– Spoken by someone who presumably has never been on fire.