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Just Please Give That Horse An Extra Carrot For What Has Been Asked Of It

June 23, 2022

Change is a part of life, and body changes can be a big part of that . . . literally in some cases.

Even so, so long as you’re healthy, don’t sweat it too much if you find yourself putting on some pounds. Your true friends will be sympathetic even when that sympathy is also accompanied by sympathy for the horse you’re riding.

I Can’t Really Blame Them For That Either, But I Can Blame You!

July 31, 2018

If you tell someone they’re fat when they are, in fact, underweight, they hopefully won’t believe you, but if they do believe you, provided they live long enough (anorexia can kill), odds are good there will come a day when they stop believing you.

After that if you tell that person they’re fat when they are, in fact, a healthy weight, you’ll probably hurt their feelings, but odds are good they won’t really believe you.  (And if they do, you’ve just pushed someone back into anorexia, so stop it!)

But if after all that, that same person starts becoming dangerously overweight, you know who they probably won’t believe?  They probably won’t believe the people who actually care about them and their health because you (or people like you) have been telling them for years that they’re fat, and they are now so done with the topic of their weight.

I Thought It Was The Perfect Retort

April 24, 2017

The other day at work one of Lala’s coworkers literally swept her off her feet into a hug.  Now, Lala is on the tall side, so this was a new experience for her.

“He just picked me up like I was nothing!” she gushed to another coworker.

“Oh, honey, you’re beautiful!” said coworker replied, meaning well, but completely missing the point and underscoring just how . . . odd this culture can be when it comes weight.

Lala just looked at her quizzically and retorted, “Nobody said anything about me being ugly!”