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A Follow-Up To My Previous Entry

January 18, 2016

I wrote what I wrote on Friday in personal response to something I saw a while back saying, in essence, “Be sure to compliment the writers you like, because the day you say something nice may be the day they otherwise would have given up writing.”

Now . . . I don’t want to sound like I’m dismissing the importance of positive feedback to a writer, because I most assuredly am not dismissing that!  A little compliment can go a long way, and a discouraged writer may indeed stop sharing their writing, which I’ll grant can amount to the same thing to the reader, so by all means give those compliments freely if you are so inclined, but take it from me:

To a writer, “giving it up” is akin to giving up oxygen.  Oh, you can hold your breath for a while, but the consequences keep getting worse and eventually you have to either breathe or die.

Fool Me Once . . .

May 15, 2013

Nothing destroys my respect for a writer quite like the realization that they respect neither their audience, nor their own creations.  Excessive ego and/or arrogance in a writer can lessen my estimation of them as a person, but will never, in and of itself, cause me to think less of their talent.

Once a writer has proven themselves to me that they are crassly manipulative and scornful of both those they write for and those they write, however, from that point on I’ve yet to be able to appreciate their talent, if any.  Every time I’ve tried, it’s never been long before I find myself unable to see anything beyond their cheap tricks and petty conceits.

But To Each Their Own

July 20, 2012

Occasionally I’m approached by someone about my writings and informed, “I really liked this story,” which is always nice to hear.  Sometimes however, this is followed up with a usually vaguely apologetic, “Now, this other story, no so much . . .”  This is, of course, less nice to hear.

But it’s understandable, and so long as it’s said politely, I never take offense.  Even among my favorite authors, there’s not one among them that I think wrote the perfect story for my tastes every time.  For instance, despite my admiration for Arthur Conan Doyle, I’ve read works of his that just didn’t work for me.  This doesn’t lessen my admiration for him in the slightest.

Mind you, if given the opportunity to speak with the man, that’s not what I would choose to discuss with him.