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Dead On My Feet

February 26, 2013

For the record, the other night I was not “up all night with a sick child.”  Between the hours of midnight and six, I’m fairly sure I managed to sleep for up to forty-five whole minutes at a time between being woken up!

On a related note, having spent the next day as one of the walking dead, I can put to rest the whole “slow zombies or fast zombies” debate.  Zombies are not technically incapable of rapid movement, they are merely extremely disinclined to do so.

Cease And Deceased

June 26, 2012

I’ve written a lot about being tired since the birth of my son.  (Write what you know, and all that.)  But even though things really have gotten better on that front lately, there are “tired days” still, of course.  And even though today is one of those “tired days,” I had made the decision I was going to write about something else entirely today . . . I just needed a quick nap first since L. had (eventually) ceased his fussing about nap time and had gone to sleep.

But all that changed when I was later awakened by his announcement that nap time was over, and my first thought was to literally wonder if, judging by how zombie-like I felt upon awakening, if I had actually died in my sleep and just failed to notice . . .