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It Was Like A Christmas Miracle

December 19, 2019

“Dad, I’m stuck,” my son told me this morning.

Glancing over my shoulder at his “predicament,” I found myself doubting that since we’d played this game before.  “Then this would be a good time to figure out how to get yourself unstuck,” I told him.

“Can you help me?” he asked.

“I think I can,” I replied.  “I’m going to give you motivation to get yourself unstuck.  You work on that while I go poke around in your room for a bit.”

“I’m unstuck!” he announced even before I had fully gotten out of my chair.

“Some Things Are Worth Dying For”

November 11, 2019

Today’s Challenge Question:  What is a phrase that is true and even inspiring in the right set of circumstances, but makes a terrible motivational poster and an even worse corporate slogan?

Time To Find Some New Tricks

January 11, 2019

I’ve never really counted, but I’m pretty sure I easily have dozens of methods and tricks to help me with motivation and focus.

Today not even a single one of them has worked yet.

Lesson Learned. Now If I Could Just Get It Out . . .

January 10, 2017

If you ever doubt the power of small things making big differences, get a single grain of sand stuck in your eye.

Just Don’t Be Stupid About It

June 28, 2016

While it is preferable for your motivation, particularly the motivation for self-improvement, to come from a positive place, that’s not always the motivation you get; sometimes it’s okay to use what you’ve got though.

Well . . . They’re NOT!

September 5, 2014

Last night I was sent out for a quick provisions run, and L’s Mother once again found an empty dessert pie box in among the grocery bags.  And once again, I expressed my “mystification” about how I keep ending up with those empty boxes whenever I end up going out for a grocery run that I don’t particularly feel like doing.

“Well,” she said after a moment.  “I hope nobody’s charging you for any empty boxes.”

I assured her that nobody was.

But When It Struck, It Struck Like An Iron Fist

December 27, 2013

So I’ve been sitting here a while now as I tried to decide what I wanted to write about.  I paused to tell someone in need of motivation that all they needed was to provide themselves a bigger reward to aid their motivation, then came back to this and wondered how I was going to motivate myself to make a decision.

The funny part is it actually took me a full minute before the irony of that struck me.